Succession Planning

The Board is responsible for overseeing the succession planning processes of the Corporation with respect to senior management positions.  The Corporation’s succession planning process, which is tailored to its particular circumstances as a holding company with a relatively small management team, includes the identification and consideration of suitable short- and long-term candidates to hold the applicable roles, on both an interim and permanent basis.  The Board is mandated to review at least annually, with the Chief Executive Officer and the Senior Executive Officers (SEOs) of the Corporation, with a view to ensuring the continuity of leadership required by the Corporation for the future. 

Candidates are considered based on various factors, including (where relevant) executive experience, market and industry expertise, geographic location, familiarity with the Corporation’s and its subsidiaries’ businesses, past performance with the Corporation, as well as past successes in achieving particular corporate goals.  The Board also maintains a contingency plan for emergency situations related to illness, disability or other unplanned absences with respect to the Chief Executive Officer and other SEO positions.