Statement of Corporate Governance Practices

The corporation believes in the importance of good corporate governance. The corporation believes that sound corporate governance is essential to the well-being of the Corporation, shareholders, business partners, employees, and the local communities where it subsidiaries operate.

REDD Management, Strategy, and Financial (“RMSF”) is a management and holding corporation company. It has had controlling shareholders, since its beginnings in 2017. As of February 16, 2019, Alegra N. Horne holds control over shares carrying approximately 70.00 percent of the votes. See “Voting Shares and Principle Holders.”

RMSF is not an operating company and the substantial portion of its interests are located within the United States.

The foregoing characteristics are important in any consideration of governance philosophy and practices as they apply to the Corporation.

In the Board’s view, no single corporate governance model is superior or appropriate in all respects. The Board’s approach reflects its belief that governance must be focused on substance rather than the application of generic processes and standardized rules and guidelines that do not account for the particular context of the enterprise. Rigid, externally generated checklists cannot replace real care, responsibility, and personal engagement. Furthermore, any review of governance practices should include consideration of long-term returns to shareholders, as the Board believes this to be an important indicator of the effectiveness of a governance system.

The Board believes that the Corporation’s governance system is effective and is appropriate to its circumstances, and that there are in place proper structures and procedures to ensure that actual or potential conflicts of interest between the Corporation and its controlling shareholder are dealt with appropriately.