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Chairman, Director, and CEO Position Descriptions

Corporate Governance

Chairman, Director, and CEO Position Description 

Last Updated: February 2019

The Board has approved written positions descriptions for the Chairman of the Board. In general terms, the Chairman of the Board is responsible for ensuring that the Board is able to fulfill its duties and responsibilities in an effective manner, for planning and organizing the activities of the Board, and for engaging outside advisers where necessary.

The Board has approved a written position description for the CEO. In general terms, the CEO is responsible for managing the strategic and operational performance of the Corporation in accordance with the goals, policies and objectives set from time to time by the Board, including developing for the Board’s consideration and approval the Corporation’s financial plan and developing sound operating strategies to implement such plan, for managing the day-to-day operations of the Corporation, for setting an operational environment that is performance driven, for assisting the Board with planning and for representing the Corporation to its major stakeholders.

The Board has also approved a written position description for the Director. In general terms, the Director is responsible for regularly attending board meetings and important related meetings.