Anti-Bribery Policy Statement

REDD Management, Strategy, and Financial (RMSF) Corporation (“RMSF Corporation” or the “Corporation”) and its Board of Directors are committed to carrying out business ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws.  This includes a prohibition on the use of corrupt and illegal practices, including bribery, to obtain or retain a commercial advantage.  Many countries now have anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws or are a party to international conventions dealing with combating bribery and corruption.  These laws and conventions prohibit making (or offering to make) payments or providing (or offering to provide) goods or services of value, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of getting or retaining business or otherwise procuring a competitive advantage.  Accordingly, this Anti-Bribery Policy Statement and RMSF Corporation’s Anti-Bribery Policy, approved by the Board of Directors, highlights the Corporation’s commitment to not tolerating corruption within RMSF Corporation and its subsidiaries.

RMSF Corporation

RMSF Corporation is developing an anti-bribery compliance program tailored to address its business, including higher risk areas.  This program applies to all Directors, Officers, and employees of RMSF Corporation, and includes adequate policies and procedures to identify and deter possible anti-bribery violations.  The policies and procedures provide practical guidance with respect to what constitutes bribery, particularly under US law.  Directors, Officers, and employees of the Corporation upon completion will receive appropriate information about the compliance program.

RMSF Corporation’s Subsidiaries

RMSF Corporation is also committed to fostering compliance with anti-bribery laws by its wholly-owned subsidiaries.  RMSF Corporation assesses and seeks to cause the enactment of similar measures at other relevant subsidiaries.

Approved by the Board of Directors on February 20, 2019.