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Innovation through Technology

is our passion

Founded in 2016, while visiting San Francisco, RMSF Corp was born out of a vision that every facet of an individual’s life could be captured, changing the way we live, work, and transact in the future.

Humble Beginnings…

Originating from humble beginnings, REDD Management, Strategy, and Financial (RMSF) Corporation is an American diversified corporation company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. RMSF is a technology-based firm that focuses on making ground-breaking innovations through intensive research.

As of 2017, the company operates through the following segments: Capital, Retail, Technology, Management Consulting, and Commercial Real Estate which cater to the needs of Financial Services, Retail Trade, Energy, Healthcare, Professional & Scientific Services, and Real Estate industries. The company operates five wholly owned subsidiaries across industries and sectors.

The corporation’s subsidiaries include:

  • RMSF Capital Inc.

  • J B Yarns & Company

  • RMSF 7 Inc.

  • RRE International Inc.

  • RMSF Advisory & Consulting Company

Our flagship company, RMSF 7 Inc., the technology management subsidiary, initiatives include the exploring and delivering of advanced connectivity technology to address board reaching problems, including plasma, energy, water, and materials research.

RMSF Corporation accepts the challenges of today’s technological era and is assembling the most talented team and the most distinctive platform for impacting the future.